About Us

Reserve Systems pioneered the mining market for oil burn systems, and the elimination of oil changes in the early 1990's.  We also became widely accepted for the ability to control oil levels on transmissions and engines running on high tilts, improving both equipment and oil life.

We no longer make the oil burn systems due to the extensive environmental certification, but our oil level systems are often used along OEM engine maker burn systems to provide make-up oil.  Oil burn systems use a lot of oil.  Oil burn systems will shortly completely disappear, and the Reserve ROS tm system is their immediate replacement for longer oil change intervals.

With over 50,000 high horse-power applications in the field, Reserve Systems has proven that engine life, oil level, and oil quantity are linked, and this is our contribution to the diesel engine.  We also sell onto locomotives, power generation, marine work boats, and other industrial engine and transmission markets.


Reserve Systems Inc.
4040 Manly Rd. Rosamond, California USA
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